Tips for Using Link eXchange Script

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Here are some good ideas that will make your use of Link eXchange Script more effective.

Of course there are many ways other than those we've listed below, and we will continue to add tips as the project grows.

Related Sites Only

Only eXchange links with sites that are related in some shape or form to your own site. There are 2 main reasons.

  1. If you are eXchanging links to build search engine trust you are defining your site as the search engines build a profile partially based on who links to you and who you link to.
  2. You want your site listed on related sites so that you can "borrow" from their user base.

Add Your Logo or Banner

Add Your Logo

By adding your own logo to the header.php file you can insure that the link software will better integrate with the look and feel of your website.

More importantly show your users links they would like to see. The best way to do that is to show them related links. You may not know anything about the person that is browsing your website, but you can be certain they like content like yours since they are on your site in the first place.

Set a Minimum PR

Setting a minimum PR or PageRank will ensure that you receive quality inbound links from sites with decent traffic.

Ensure Link Page is Linked from Home Page

Page Link

Again this will ensure maximum traffic from the linking domain. If the link they are trading you is 5 pages deep you can be sure you wont receive any visitors from that page.

Check for Nofollow Links

By checking for nofollow links you will be making sure you get the "link juice" that you rightly deserve for eXchanging the link. Nofollow links look spammy from a search engines point of view. Nofollow links are the kind of links webmaster posting spam in forums and blog recieve and you don't want this stereotype.